Cleaning wooden surfaces - what you should know

Our service team answers the most frequently asked customer questions about wood care here.

What should I use to clean my wooden surfaces?

This basically depends on the type of surface and the degree of soiling. We recommend Wood Soap for the maintenance cleaning of oak indoors and Wood Soap Intensive for intensive cleaning. For greyed or heavily used wood outdoors, we recommend Wood Soap Plus Exterior. For other types of wood and applications, we will be happy to find a customised cleaning solution for you in a personal consultation.

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How often should I clean the surface?

This should always be individually tailored to the surface to be cleaned and should only be done with the appropriate cleaning agents. In private living areas, for example, we recommend cleaning with Wood Soap once to a maximum of three times a month, depending on how dirty the surface is. In a highly frequented area such as a hotel lobby, daily cleaning with Wood Soap may be necessary.

How do I remove stains?

Most common household stains can be removed with hot water and Wood Soap (see label). Do not use aggressive, alkaline or solvent-based cleaning products or abrasive scouring pads, as these can permanently damage the open-pored surface. Our service team will be happy to advise you on stubborn stains.

Why does the floor not clean properly in places after cleaning?

It is either due to the wrong cleaning process or the wrong cleaning agents. Take a look at our application videos or get in touch with us.

You can find our application videos here.

How can I tell if my surface is sufficiently protected?

Test the lotus effect by applying a drop of water to the wood surface. If the drop rolls off and is not immediately absorbed, the surface is sufficiently protected. If this is not the case, it is advisable to treat the surface (e.g. with Wood Lotion). We will be happy to assist you with this or carry out the treatment for you.

Does the surface remain aesthetically pleasing even under heavy use?

We pre-treat our surfaces in a special way so that, in combination with our care products and the regeneration process developed over many years of experience, the wood can develop a homogeneous patina even under heavy use.

How quickly can the floor be cleaned while the hotel is in operation?

We train housekeeping teams in the correct use of care products so that the floor acquires an aesthetic patina through regular cleaning alone. If our team has to carry out a basic cleaning and repair major damage, this is done on average over two days.

After how many years does the floor need to be renewed?

Schotten & Hansen floors are never sanded down, but are regularly regenerated by our service team. With proper maintenance, the service life is unlimited.

Does the product fit the budget plan?

Schotten & Hansen floors require a higher initial investment than comparable products. However, these are amortised in less than ten years due to the longer service life.

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