Wooden floors in hotels

Schotten & Hansen floors can be found in around 30 Motel One hotels across Europe. A proof of their individuality and resilience.

The Motel One Group has been working with Schotten & Hansen for ten years. The customised design options of the healthy living material wood and a comprehensive regeneration concept have proven their worth for the hotel chain.

Customised design

The German budget design hotel group Motel One places the highest demands on interior design. An overarching design concept creates recognition value. In addition, every single hotel is individually designed and furnished. "Like the price. Love the Design," is the mission of the hotel group, which was founded in 2000.

The Motel One Group's planners repeatedly turn to the hard-wearing floors from Schotten & Hansen. These create an individual, contemporary, cosy and healthy atmosphere. Although the design concepts of the individual Motel One hotels are very different, the designers always use a subtle, light to dark brown colour for the floor. The various shades of the Schotten & Hansen linen colour family give the rooms a solid base and blend harmoniously with the other interior elements.

Resilience through technical details

In the Motel One hotels, parquet and floorboards are laid that consist of two or three layers of solid wood. This resource-saving multi-layer construction minimises the working of the wood and the formation of joints. The visible top layer is made of high-quality oak and can be used as a connecting element beyond the floor (steps, doors, wall and ceiling panelling). The combination with different substrate materials fulfils all project-related technical requirements such as acoustics or fire protection.

Natural, effective protection

Particularly in entrance and lobby areas as well as in restaurant and bar areas of hotels, moisture, pebbles, trolleys, spilt drinks or frequent moving of chairs leave unsightly marks. Schotten & Hansen floors are protected for a long time thanks to their special surface treatment and the specially developed polish made from natural substances such as resins, waxes and oils. To maintain this protection, regular cleaning and care with the appropriate products is necessary.

The housekeeping teams are trained and advised by the experienced Schotten & Hansen service team right from the start. Under these conditions, the floor can be restored to its original condition with the help of regular reconditioning. A homogeneous patina develops over the years. Schotten & Hansen floors are never sanded down, but regularly regenerated. With proper maintenance, the service life is unlimited.

As the surface of Schotten & Hansen floors is not sealed, e.g. with lacquer, mechanical damage can be repaired again and again. This open porosity is the basis for an aesthetic ageing of the floor with a homogeneous patina.

Regenerate instead of sanding

Schotten & Hansen floors can withstand the stresses and strains of modern hotel operations in the big city thanks to elaborate workmanship and technical details. The surface of conventional wooden floors deteriorates continuously through sanding. Schotten & Hansen floors can always be restored to their original condition, so that there are never any interruptions in hotel operations due to floor replacement. Thanks to this unique regeneration system, Schotten & Hansen floors have a longer service life, age aesthetically and are therefore more favourable in the long term than comparable products, despite the higher initial investment.

About Motel One

The Motel One Group, based in Munich, has successfully positioned itself in many European countries with over 90 hotels and around 25,000 rooms. Guests appreciate the unique combination of high-quality facilities, exclusive design, high service standards and first-class, city-centre locations at an attractive price. Schotten & Hansen properties can be found in Munich (5x), Freiburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lübeck, Cologne (2x), Bonn (2x), Frankfurt, Leipzig, Warsaw, Edinburgh, Linz, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Aachen, Manchester, Graz, Hanover, Ulm, Dublin and Innsbruck.

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