In choosing a floor or interior from our workshops, you are deciding on a companion for life. We will be by your side with expert knowledge from the initial planning stage so that you can enjoy our wood products for just as long. The right care and maintenance is a the foundation for our time spent together. We are always happy to advise on care, cleaning, and anything else.

We understand one another

We seek dialogue. We listen carefully and contribute actively, from start to finish. Builders and architects are more than customers to us. They are always sources of inspiration. We approach particular requirements with particular flexibility. We look for solutions to current challenges in construction. From finding the right product to orchestrating country- and product-specific logistics, as advice on care.

Care products
Regular care ensures beautiful ageing.

Care products

Our wood surfaces with their lively grain are soft, warm and healthy to live with. With their natural finish they are breathable, vapour permeable and elastic. They are protected by an emulsion of natural resins, waxes and oils. With the right care, this protective layer is constantly renewed. There is no need for sanding or replacement even after long and intensive use. The pleasant surface structure is retained for ever. In order to achieve this, we develop appropriate care products in our own in-house laboratory.

Natural resins, waxes and oils are the primary components of our care products.
Together we will find answers to an enormous range of questions.


Together we will find the right product for your project and we will be there as the project unfolds, from beginning to end. If, despite the great care taken, major damage should occur to your wooden elements, the Schotten & Hansen Service Team can provide professional retouching. Or allow our experts to provide a thorough cleaning and repeat initial care service to heavily worn areas after years of use.