Care Products

In keeping with the times, we set high standards for all our products. Always promoting longevity and a high-quality ageing process that is healthy to live with. This is why we develop appropriate care products in our own in-house laboratory.

Natural care
and effective protection

By observing the forest, we have learnt how each tree protects and strengthens itself and transforms itself with its natural environment. We imitate these processes by allowing resins, waxes and oils to penetrate into the wood in a deep and lasting way. Over time a high quality, even patina will build up. In order to maintain this, our surfaces are regenerative and must never be sanded. The aesthetic of the wood has a chance to continue ageing even once installed.

Inhaltsstoffe aus der Natur
Walnut, linseed and perilla oil
Patina develops when wood is allowed to age aesthetically.


The pleasantly soft and warm surface structure is retained for ever. They can be cleaned, protected and revitalised with little effort using the care products which we have developed especially for the purpose.

Our care products

You can see how to use our care products correctly in the video (external link).

Wood Soap

Wood Soap

To start with, the wood surface of your floor or interior is protected by Schotten & Hansen Wood Polish. This natural protection made from oils, resins and waxes is resilient, breathable, vapour permeable and elastic. In order to maintain this protection, regular care with Schotten & Hansen Wood Soap is required. It is suitable for all (even heavy wear) oak surfaces. Regular use also promotes a pleasant feel and an appealing look to your interior.

Wood Soap Wax

Wood Soap Wax

For more shine after polishing. With Wood Soap Wax, we have succeeded in developing a natural cleaning agent that not only cleans, protects and revitalises the wood, but also creates a charming shine on floors and interior elements thanks to the high wax content. The concentrate is suitable for all types of wood.

Made for generations

This natural protection will not only stand up to the gentle demands in domestic settings, such as living rooms or bedrooms. The wood surface is even resistant to moisture. Which is why it works so wonderfully well even in bathrooms, spa and wellness areas or in fitting out yachts.

“With our own in-house laboratory we are in a position to maintain our high levels of quality and to add to our own recipes through constant research and development.”

Petra Reinert, Laboratory
Schotten & Hansen Service Team