Our colours are children of nature.
We work with the wood and with natural pigments
to create your desired tone.

The range of natural
pigments is endlessly diverse.

Over decades of research, we have found unique ways of transferring the colours of nature to wood. Our pigments are grown in plants or minerals. They harmonise with the colouration of the wood, developing the finest nuances, changing over time. In complex recipes requiring numerous production steps we adapt the original wood colour to the individual requirements of our customer.

Colour spectrum
Impressions of our veneers

“We refine nature and we know how to create a harmonious and exciting colour effect on wood surfaces, fully meeting individual customer requirements. Keeping things natural does not limit the selection of colours. Natural pigments offer endless variety.”

Maximilian Hansen, Product Manager

Mineral and Terra

Soft stone colours stand next to stronger shades of gray,
restrained browns next to strong earth tones: Mineral and Terra
these are our colour schemes for the interior.


dynamic, clear & strong character

All rocks on our earth consist of minerals. Their structure tells the story of millions of years of geological processes. The bizarre shapes and iridescent colours of their crystals adorn many a piece of jewellery. Ground into fine pigments, we have always used them to add colour accents to wood.

Mineral I – Detail
Mineral I
Mineral II – Detail
Mineral II
Mineral III – Detail
Mineral III
Mineral IV – Detail
Mineral IV
Mineral V – Detail
Mineral V


subtle, earthy & warm

A healthy earth is the source of all growth and flourishing. Looking at warm earth tones creates connection and confidence. Depending on which elements predominate in the soil, the colour spectrum ranges from golden sandy tones to dark brown, almost black earth tones.

Terra I – Detail
Terra I
Terra II – Detail
Terra II
Terra III – Detail
Terra III
Terra IV – Detail
Terra IV
Terra V – Detail
Terra V

Should you be unable to find your desired colour tone here, we will find it together in a personalised meeting. We are happy to advise.

“I am constantly developing new recipes for my colour library, probably the biggest in the world. In addition, I am researching new and better methods to make our products even more durable, so they preserve their value even longer.”

Torben Hansen, Company Founder and Managing Director

Our surfaces:
aesthetic, robust, durable.

Nature is our template.
The finest gradations of a natural tone. Nature offers the broadest colour palette.

Nature is our template.

Nature is the source of inspiration for our tones. Our colours can be introduced into the wood through a complex, multistep colouring process involving smoking, deep cleaning and the use of natural essences. Pigments penetrate deep into the pores of the wood which creates an incomparable effect on the surface. An effect which endures. That is what sets it apart from superficially applied colours.

We create your colour.
We will find your colour together.

We create your colour.

If the right colour tone for your project is not already in our collection, we will find it together. If you already have a sense of the colour direction or material with which the wood colour should fit, we will generate the appropriate colour tone in wood. And what’s special about this: through years of refinement, we offer unparalleled colour possibilities using only natural pigments and natural processes.

The colour is in the wood.
Torben Hansen surrounded by his colours.

The colour is in the wood.

The characteristics and composition of the wood are critical to the colour impression. These depend on the location of the tree, its genetics, the growing region and growth period as well as the nutrient content of the soil. The environmental influences that have affected the tree over the course of its life influence the grain of the veneer, which in turn influences the effect of the colour. Making each product truly unique.

We make use of the natural potential.
Appropriate pre-treatment ensures increased stability of colour.

We make use of the natural potential.

By using an appropriate pre-treatment, the wood becomes more resistant to staining and the colour tone more stable. This approach retains the beneficial features of the wood: warmth, elasticity, and vapour permeability; perfect for regulating the indoor climate.

“Each of our colours is permanently locked into the pure wood, freed from minerals and contaminants.

Petra Reinert, Laboratory