Traditional craftsmanship is at the heart of our workshop. This is the only way to respond to the particular characteristics of the wood and the wishes of our customers. We bring out the characteristic details in such a way that the natural origin of the product is preserved in both look and feel.

Wood is more than a raw material

When selecting the wood, we recognise the life story of the tree. We bring this to the fore through the artistry of true craftsmanship. Depending on the species of wood and its size, structure and colouring, we work on the wood with a number of traditional techniques and highly technical steps until it is just perfect.

Im Sägewerk unseres Vertrauens werden die Stämme in Furniere zerteilt.
The trunks are divided into veneers at a sawmill that we have trusted for many years.
We use the whole trunk.
Torben Hansen selecting veneers

We use the whole trunk.

Not just the choice parts. This is why the widths of the veneers are defined primarily by the characteristics of the tree. We select the individual elements subject to strict quality requirements.

We preserve the natural essence and create substance.
A special drying process brings out the clear grain of the wood.

We preserve the natural essence
and create substance.

Using our patented drying process, we reduce the moisture content of the wood to increase its natural resilience. This reduces swelling and shrinkage so that the wood remains dimensionally stable. The process intensifies the feel of the wood and the grain can be softly but clearly felt.

Masterful tradition

Precise hand craftsmanship preserves the lively structure of the wood. Using all our sensitivity, we bring out the unique characteristics of the wood. The wood is planed by hand, not by machine. We can emphasise cracks or blend them out to create a harmonious look to the veneer. We implant specially selected natural material to reinforce the knot holes.


Innovation by tradition

True preservation takes a particular kind of craftsmanship and knowledge. We protect the qualities unique to the wood while meeting the complex demands of modern construction. Water-resistant characteristics and dimensional stability are attributes that are not normally associated with wood as a building material. Nevertheless, it is possible to imbue wood with these advantages. This is why we constantly innovate our craftsmanship with new technologies and develop processes that rethink the ways in which this material can excel.

"The combination of traditional craftsmanship with the latest in engineering technology allows us to deliver complex interior projects for individual customer demands anywhere in the world.”

Frank Beerhorst, Head of Sales
Our products: As adaptable as a tree. Just indoors.

Our products:
As adaptable as a tree.
Just indoors.

How our surfaces are used depends solely and entirely on the requirements of the designer. In combination with a variety of carrier materials, our individually designed surfaces give a room personality and while fulfilling technical requirements such as acoustics or fire protection.

“We work with engineered timber laminates because they have many advantages, such as the ability to guarantee dimensional stability. They are our contribution to a sustainable approach that recognises timber as a valuable resource.”

Bernhard Heinloth, Managing Director
Better than solid wood
A Schotten & Hansen surface can handle water.

Better than solid wood

Thanks to the way that we treat, finish and construct our products, they boast dimensional stability and durability. And they stay that way, even in settings with challenging climates such as spa and wellness areas, yacht interiors or in places with very high or very low humidity. They even stand up to heavy use such as in hotel and airport lobbies.

Colours of nature
We use natural pigments, never synthetic products.

Colours of nature

Over decades of research, we have found unique ways to transfer the colours of nature to wood. Our pigments are grown in plants or minerals. They harmonise with the colouration of the wood, developing the finest nuances, changing over time. In complex recipes requiring numerous production steps, we adapt the original wood colour to the individual colour requirements of our customer.

Colour recipes
Using colour recipes that we have developed ourselves, we can produce an enormous selection of natural colour tones.

“Our experience and expertise means that we are able to meet the colour wishes of our customers as far as possible by working with the wood, not against it.”

Torben Hansen, Company Founder and Managing Director
Even patina