Parquet in the kitchen? Floorboards for the bathroom? Whether it’s a wooden floor for a city loft apartment, modernising a villa or fitting out a hotel, we will work with you on the right solution for your project. Taking into account the construction challenges and your individual needs. To produce a lasting positive feel for spaces to be enjoyed for years to come.


With our new products, your floor will be powerful and elegant. Or dignified, radiant and imposing...

Graceful, radiant & impressive: The early and late wood of the annual rings alternate in cathedral-shaped arches. Occasional knots and un-narrowed wood set additional accents. This visual image can also be experienced haptically, as we heavily brush out the early wood components.
Sensory, powerful & elegant: the straight grain ensures relaxation just by looking at it. Our naturally dried surface finish emphasises the characteristic wavy details of the grain. It becomes tangible.

Collections Oak

Are you looking for “something a bit different”? Then you’re sure to like something from our oak collections. These products will give an unusual and exotic look to your floor. Or perhaps something calmer and more sophisticated. Or radiating an aura of times long past…

Bold, wild & recognisable: with Tiger Grain, the beauty of the wood comes from the innermost part of the trunk. The horizontal stripes are created by the medullary rays of the tree which once supplied it with water and nutrients.
Historic, distinctive & remarkable: Engeli radiates an aura of times long past. Wide joints between the boards, accentuated knots, a deliberate relief and a matt sheen give this floor the sense that it has come from a historic stately home.
Lived in, authentic and welcoming: Oak 1900 possesses the charm and radiance of a used floor, without sacrificing the advantages of a new floor.
Rugged, raw & tactile: Rough Cut floorboards give the impression that they have come directly from the sawmill. The grooves running at right angles to the length create a particularly rustic look.
In the Antique version, both the deliberately un-even joint pattern and the precisely placed nail holes create the impression that the boards have been taken from a stately castle. With Elegance and Versailles, further variants are available.

Long Board

Room-length boards up to 5 metres

Long Board
Long Boards create an uninterrupted atmosphere of well-being simply by their length. Depending on the grain, the character selection, and whether they receive brushed, hand-planed or shrunk finishing, the individual colouration changes across the various aspects, giving a rich dimensionality to the whole.

Short Board

More compact size, same quality

Short Board
They are more compact in size than the Long Board. However, in terms of character, features, durability and appearance they are well-respected equals. It is simply a question of requirements.


For a traditional ambience

Thanks to their smaller sizes, parquet blocks can be arranged in a variety of ways to compliment a space. The laying pattern, such as the classic herringbone, lends each room a personal atmosphere.

Parquet Versailles

For an ambience of grandeur

Parquet Versailles
We combine variously shaped little blocks of wood into geometric patterns in our majestic panel parquet. The baroque pattern of the Parquet Versailles was originally laid in the eponymous French palace. Elegance and Antik offer two further versions.

Parquet Elegance

For a dignified ambience

Parquet Elegance
With our majestic panel parquet, we combine differently shaped wooden panels to form geometric pictures. With Antique and Versailles, further variants are available to you.
Steps & Accessories


To match floor and interior

Our steps work in symbiosis with our floor and interior products. They create a uniform colour and surface design throughout, to bring harmony to the entire space.


Timber skirting, floor box, convector grille

We take the details into account so that the overall look of your interior is a complete success. To complement your floor we produce transition pieces and connecting elements in the same design for use within a room and beyond.

Common to all products:
The Schotten & Hansen surface


With us, depth lies in the surface. Its own natural characteristics, enhanced by our craftsmanship, form the basis for your well-being.


Our colours are children of nature.
We work with the wood and with natural pigments to create your desired colour tone.