Schotten & Hansen has a deep rooted commitment to create incomparable products of distinction. That contribution to quality of life is a critical part of our mission: we are a business that aims to help build a better society. We want to make products that make a difference and quite simply, products that make sense.

Just like the trees we transform, we aim to harness and channel as much positive energy as possible into everything we do by applying our processing methods with passion and expertise. Only then can we realise 100 per cent of the potential in all our activities.

Our shades are drawn from nature’s own palette

Schotten & Hansen's highly distinctive wooden flooring, high-quality parquet, and custom interior designs are the result of traditional artisan craftmanship, the latest technology and finishing processes developed exclusively in-house. We also develop care products in our own laboratory.

Torben Hansen

Schotten & Hansen GmbH is deeply indebted to its co-founder and managing director Torben Hansen for most of its success. His visionary power, creativity, and dedication have been vital to the company throughout its life, as he continuously provides it with new and fresh impetus. He has always been inspired by nature, and loves exploring the forest to study how the elements leave their impression on the wood and trees. Torben Hansen prefers to see himself as a mediator between nature and architecture. A trained carpenter, he still enjoys working in his laboratory to discover new ways to draw out the unique character of wood, occasionally upsetting more than a few woodworking precedents in the process.