We are the intermediary
between nature and architecture.

Schotten & Hansen, based in Peiting, Bavaria, developed and produced high quality, healthy and renewable wood surfaces for the complete interior since 1984. Individually produced by hand and in an almost limitless range of colours.

The company

At the Schotten & Hansen manufactory, using traditional craft skills in combination with modern engineering technology, with great care and the highest quality, we make healthy products to individual customer requirements: floorboards, parquet and complementary products such as steps, door, wall and ceiling veneers and micro-perforated acoustic elements. Care products developed in our in-house laboratory and a comprehensive range of services ensure that our products enjoy a long life.

All of our products are finished with natural resins, waxes and oils. They elevate private homes as well as in the hotels, public buildings and yachts. With our regional roots, we work in close collaboration with an international network of architects, designers, craftsmen and suppliers to deliver a huge range of projects around the world.

Over the last four decades the company has developed from a small business focused on restoring historic furniture and its surfaces, into an internationally renowned specialist for wooden floors and interiors. The factory employs 150 people over a production area of 15,000 m².

Idyllisch gelegen: Peiting im Alpenvorland
An idyllic setting: Peiting in the foothills of the Alps
Bound to nature
Managing Directors:
Bernhard Heinloth and Torben Hansen

Bound to nature

Ever since the company was founded, a deep respect for nature, a fascination for wood as a material and a clear commitment to innovation have been our central driving force for producing sustainable authentic products. Designing the perfect contemporary solutions for demanding construction projects takes a high level of openness, creativity and knowledge of natural materials. In Torben Hansen and Bernhard Heinloth, the factory has two true wood specialists who exemplify these characteristics.

Torben Hansen
When restoring furniture, as a joiner and lover of woodlands, Danish Torben Hansen has found unique ways, for example, of transferring the colours of nature to the wood.

“The forest has taught us its natural processes and we use them in our workshop to continue the process of constant transformation. We get the best out of each individual piece of timber. We let it breathe. We allow it to reveal all of its beauty. We are the broker between nature and architecture.”

Torben Hansen, Managing Director

Bernhard Heinloth
Having studied forestry, Bernhard Heinloth ensures a balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering technology to create, with great care, products that are healthy to live with.

“We are proud of the synergies that result from the intensive exchange of knowledge between our colleagues and suppliers, partners and customers. The enthusiasm that we feel each day for wood and the joy that our refined natural products brings out in our customers is quite simply pure motivation for me and all of our employees, every day.”

Bernhard Heinloth, Managing Director

Schotten & Hansen Showroom  in Munich’s Ludwigpalais

Schotten & Hansen Showroom
in Munich’s Ludwigpalais

Does wood have a healing effect in interior design? Is this traditional building material up to the demands of modern design? Questions around contemporary living with wood are answered at our Munich showroom by wood experts and lovers of the material who have a feel for design. This is where you can find out everything there is to know about the use of durable, regenerative wood surfaces in interior design. Or find a source of inspiration for a major ongoing home, business or architectural project. If you already have an idea about the colour direction or material with which the wood colour should fit, you will find the appropriate colour tone in wood in the showroom.

We are Schotten & Hansen



“We think beyond the pure product and ensure that aspects such as sustainability, healthy living and preservation of value each have their own rightful place. Our aim is to give our customers lifelong companions in our products. Sustainability is particularly important to me.”

Caroline Steiner, Sales Managerin



“We work on floorboards, stairs, doors and furniture until they fit together in the best way possible. That’s why we are able to deliver the craziest ideas. Every project, every day is different. Zero monotony.”

Norbert Löw, Surface Finishing



"With my craftsmanship, I make sure that our products are used in the best possible way. For me, it is important to prepare and process the wood for its future use with precise craftsmanship so that our products do not lose any of their aesthetic value over time."

Anika Abel, Interior Construction



“Our customers expect a lot from the product and that expectation can only be met with an even higher expectation of the raw material and the production. We work together to find the right solution for the particular construction requirements.”

Daniel Karpinsky, Quality Manager



“Our wood surfaces are regenerative and are never resurfaced even after long use or following major damage. This preserves resources. I like that. We know other ways and means for retouching unwanted blemishes and can rebuild the wood without losing any substance.”

Frank Witschel, Surface Specialist