Neither our customers nor our products can be pigeonholed. This means that we are completely free when it comes to design and development. The only thing that we set in stone: we work with wood in a way that cannot be imitated.

We work as a team

We advise designers and architects in their choice of materials, texture, colour and the combination of wood surfaces with other materials. From measuring up to fitting and on to after sales, we offer a wide range of customised services.

Every order is unique
Our surfaces can fulfil the complex requirements of a yacht.

Every order is unique

We value and appreciate the characteristics that wood brings as a natural material. It's why we approach each order individually and from the customer’s point of view. Depending on the species of timber and its size, structure and colouring, we work on the wood with countless traditional techniques and highly technical steps until it is just perfect.

We listen carefully and contribute actively.
Edition oak in our Munich showroom

We listen carefully and contribute actively.

In meetings with our customers, planners and architects, we are continually finding solutions for current challenges in construction. Whether that's finding the right product or orchestrating country- and project-specific logistics – we collaborate every step of the way.

“Our flexibility and openness mean that we are able to create countless applications for high-quality wood surfaces that can be transferred into any room concept imaginable.”

Armin Woll, Technical Head of Sales

Our surfaces:
aesthetic, robust, durable.

Naturally healthy

Naturally healthy

We strive to ensure that the valuable resource of wood can continue to age with dignity in our products. This is why our costumers turn to us to create spaces that are timelessly beautiful. With carefully selected materials and precise craftsmanship, in combination with superior natural finishing, we make expressive, tough surfaces that last. They are easily regenerated, maintaining the value and quality of nature.

Quality, maintained

Quality, maintained

Our products will be with you for years. High-quality raw materials, our precise and dedicated workmanship and our knowledge from over years of research mean that investing in a Schotten & Hansen surface will pay off handsomely in the long term. The result is robust, durable products and a cosy and exclusive feel to your interior.



Thanks to a unique drying and bonding process, our wood remains dimensionally stable even under extreme conditions. A patented drying process permanently reduces swelling and shrinkage, prevents the subsequent formation of cracks and emphasises the characteristic grain of the wood.

“In contrast to solid wood products, our multilayer­ constructions have the advantage of being dimensionally stable, water resistant and impervious to climatic conditions.”

Maximilian Hansen, Product Manager

Our surface is ready for use...

  • … in various sizes and a range of compositions, as long, short and commercial boards as well as parquet.

  • … complementary to the floor as steps, skirting, floor boxes and convector grilles.

  • … as veneer for doors, wall and ceiling panelling, furniture fronts.

  • … in wet areas such as bathrooms, spas and wellness zones.

  • … in combination with underfloor heating.

  • … under special considerations such as acoustic minimisation.

  • … fire protection compliance in several product lines.

  • … in heavy traffic areas such as shops, airport or hotel lobbies.

  • … lightweight construction in yacht outfitting.

  • … in places with low or high humidity.

Toughness that lasts