Nature Refined

Wood is both our metier and ideology. When we refine it into floorboards and interior design elements, we are aware that it is a gift of nature requiring careful handling and gentle treatment. Just as nature urges all living things to the full flowering of their potential, so we too strive to improve our products in harmony with the bigger picture and the greater good.

Our Values

We consider human health to be a valuable good. That’s why we work with natural materials, the kind you come into contact with every day in body care products or in the foods you eat. Our products appeal to all of your senses, providing open, breathing surfaces that help you create attractive and healthy indoor spaces. There’s no place for solvent-based paints or glues in our floorboards, parquet flooring, doors, and panels.

For us, true sustainability goes beyond conserving resources. We consider our work to be a way of extending the lives of the trees we work with, in a different form. All of our products are developed and manufactured to last a lifetime, and are glued together in a waterproof manner. They can be renewed without sanding, and are not susceptible to changes in climate. Our surfaces offer a unique level of quality. They mature with their owners. Products from Schotten & Hansen are made for life, in the truest sense of the phrase.

Every product we make is produced to order. We treat every commission individually, factoring in customer preferences for the wood, the colour, the character, the texture and the finish along with accommodating any construction requirements for substrate materials. With our innovative thinking and unshakably enquiring spirit we can make almost any project a reality; from classic flooring to acoustic panels and interiors for luxury yachts. From our manufacturing base in the Bavarian town of Peiting, we deliver our products all over the world.

Machines are no match for the perfection we can achieve with hand craftsmanship . Traditional German woodworking techniques lie at the heart of many of our processes, complemented by advanced technology. Each item is finished by hand: it is hand planed, brushed, smoked and coloured by our master craftsmen before being assessed by the most exacting equipment of all…the human eye. All the materials we use to finish and care for our products are developed, produced and tested by us, refining and preserving the inherent beauty of the natural wood we use.

Fulfilling the highest demands and specific requirements for quality and aesthetics are part of our everyday work, as are making special requests and detail solutions a reality. That’s why we act as planners, partners, consultants, and guides for our customers. We inspire them even before the project starts. We support them through every phase of work, and advise them after the purchase with personalized tips on care and maintenance.

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Our shades are drawn from nature’s own palette
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