In Harmony

Architect Stephan Maria Lang talks about the relationship between architecture, nature, light and craftsmanship in an atmospheric documentary.

The architect's role is comparable to that of a conductor. He coordinates the various trades without any player getting too loud. This is how Stephan Maria Lang metaphorically describes his daily work.

Since the architect also refers to nature as a source of inspiration, his statements are supported by atmospheric shots in which the individual players of his orchestra can be seen. One of them is Torben Hansen.

Another topic is light as an all-important factor: "If the light is not right, you cannot create architecture," Stephan Maria Lang aptly puts it. An architect must know how to use light so that the occupant feels comfortable in the room. All craftsmen involved in this process should have the same feeling for it. The craftsmanship should also speak its own language. It is part of the value that creates the atmosphere. The feel of a surface should be perceptible in the grazing light without touching it with the hand.

The film was realised by Marcel Dambon. In addition to architect Stephan Maria Lang and Torben Hansen, the following actors are represented in the film: