Welcome to Miami

New opening of the Gaggenau showroom in sunny Miami - Schotten & Hansen is on board and supplies flooring and veneers for the presentation of high-quality kitchen appliances.

The new Gaggenau flagship store is an architectural marvel that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of the Gaggenau brand with local cultural and design elements. Paying homage to its iconic location, the flagship is a unique space that serves as an experience centre for culinary enthusiasts, architects and interior designers to collaborate with emerging artists and create a new kind of connection between visitors and Gaggenau.

The new showroom clearly rises above the hustle and bustle of the Miami Design District and offers a variety of sources of inspiration for creative minds. The intersection of innovative art, high-quality design and kitchens promises a top-class interplay. The interplay of minimalist aesthetics and the Art Deco glamour of Miami creates a unique "Minimal Deco" design style in the new Gaggenau showroom, developed by Munich office 1zu33.

The architectural concept opted for flooring and veneers from Schotten & Hansen. A harmonious material, colour and surface design was developed to match the colour concept of the stores. The light river pebble colour of the flooring contrasts elegantly with the black walls with Douglas fir veneer.

Die Integration von Kunstinstallationen und die Zusammenarbeit mit aufstrebenden Künstlern, wie Matt Gagnon, unterstreichen den kreativen und kulturellen Aspekt des Showrooms. Die permanente Ausstellung The integration of art installations and the collaboration with up-and-coming artists such as Matt Gagnon emphasise the creative and cultural aspect of the showroom. The permanent display of Gagnon's "Light Stack" totem poles, which change with the day and night conditions, as well as the use of handcrafted porcelain tableware by Stefanie Hering, contribute to the creation of a unique and engaging environment.

Gaggenau provides a sanctuary in Miami that represents the brand's values, culture and creativity in a welcoming and inspiring way.

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