We are a finalist for the Gmund Award 2021

In the Corporate category, our sample packaging for Oak Edition 21 made it to the final round.

With this project, we have created very aesthetic and functional colour fans that present our five new colour categories in a visually and haptically very appealing way. After all, wood and paper are naturally very close to each other. The high-quality packaging reflects the quality of our unique, natural products and brings a timeless elegance and tranquillity with its matt-black look as well as the discreet imprints on the Gmund paper, which is full of character.

The Gmund Award was presented for the eighth time on 2 December. A jury consisting of external and internal industry experts selected the winners in seven categories. Out of more than 300 entries, three each made it to the finals. Since the party unfortunately had to be cancelled due to well-known circumstances, the finalists and winners are honoured in a short film. It's worth a look!

The printing of our sample packaging was done by Eberl & Koesel.

Congratulations to all winners of the Gmund Award 2021!