New colour harmonies in the Schotten & Hansen colour system

Pebble Stone, Oyster, Linen, Smoke and Mocha are the names of the five colour families of Schotten & Hansen Oak Edition 21 for flooring and interior design. Company founder and managing director, Torben Hansen, has thus succeeded in building up his colour system according to a new logic and has simplified the colour selection process for all our customers.

Gentle stone colours are found next to stronger shades of grey, restrained browns next to strong earth tones. Natural pigments and a mindful treatment of wood form the basis of the colour formulas. A grouping within the Pebble Stone, Oyster, Linen, Smoke and Mocha summarizes the oak colours thematically in each case and assigns them different characters. For example, the colour nuances of the Pebble Stone family are attributed the characteristics cool, bright & fresh.

Each colour family consists of three shades, which differ in their brightness and saturation. Thus, the new Oak Edition contains a total of 15 shades. For example, the cool grey tones of Pebble Stone are available in light, medium and dark.

In decades of research, Schotten & Hansen has found unique ways to transfer nature's colours to wood. In elaborate formulations involving numerous work steps, they match the original wood colour to the customer's individual colour preference. For the colouring, wood's own ingredients are activated and the finest pigments, obtained from earths or rocks, are incorporated into the wood. Natural pigments, especially finely powdered, penetrate deep into the pores and create harmonious colour tones

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