Rough Cut
Rough Cut
Rough Cut

Rough Cut

The saw marks added during production run at right angles to the grain and make the floorboards appear broader. In terms of feel, the surface is not at all rough, rather it is pleasantly lively and, thanks to the natural resins, waxes and oils used in the surface treatment, feels pleasantly soft.

Rough Cut – Product data

Rough Cut

approx. 2450 – 4000 mm, 500 mm grid


approx. 160 – 360 mm, 10 mm grid


approx. 19 mm (± 0,5 mm)

Top surface

approx. 4.5 mm


Three-layer with swelling and shrinkage protection
Top layer: oak
Carrier: softwood


Original Schotten & Hansen surface: breathable, elastic, regenerative

Special features
  • Brandschutz Cfl - S 1

    Fire behaviour classification Cfl - S 1

  • Reinigung & Pflege

    Easy to clean with Schotten & Hansen care products

  • Fußbodenheizung

    Suitable for under-floor heating

  • Recycling

    Schotten & Hansen wood products are recyclable according to the waste wood regulation category A2 and can therefore be reused for the production of wood-based materials.

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