Eucalyptus Sense

Eucalyptus Sense

As it grows naturally, the bark separates from the trunk and a colourful surface emerges. The reddish hue of the heartwood shimmers through slightly in our three colour characters: The light one appears restrained. The medium character appears unagitated and the dark one strong.

Eucalyptus Sense – Product data

Eucalyptus Sense

approx. 2.400 – 2.950 mm


approx. 160 – 240 mm


approx. 15 mm (± 0,5 mm)

Top surface

approx. 2,8 mm; waterproof and glued without formaldehyde


Structure: Multilayer construction
Top layer: Eucalyptus veneer
Beam: Plywood birch


Finished diffusion-open Schotten & Hansen surface. Surface treatment with natural oils, resins and waxes. Schotten & Hansen surfaces are regenerable; sanding or mechanical processing is not necessary. Avoid strongly acidic and alkaline products.

Special features
  • Brandschutz Dfl - S 1

    Fire behaviour classification Dfl - S 1

  • Reinigung & Pflege

    Easy to clean with Schotten & Hansen care products

  • Fußbodenheizung

    Suitable for under-floor heating

  • Recycling

    Schotten & Hansen wood products are recyclable according to the waste wood regulation category A2 and can therefore be reused for the production of wood-based materials.

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