Stylish, natural living with wood: healthy and durable

In a private home with a view of Baden-Baden, high-quality finished wood surfaces are used in a variety of ways: from floors to doors, steps to furniture.

Wood is, in itself, a material that people like to surround themselves with. It creates a warm, homely atmosphere and, when properly processed, even regulates the indoor climate. "Above all, we wanted to use natural, harmless products that suited us and our home," is how the owner describes his initial ideas for the construction of his new single-family residence in the German spa town. For him, only wood came into question for the interior fittings. With Schotten & Hansen, he found a company that processes the natural material in a resource-friendly and individual way.

Surface-identical floor, door, stair and furniture design

The multi-layer construction typical for the costumized products allows a uniform or precisely coordinated material, colour and surface design to be continued from the floor to the walls, ceilings, doors, stairs and furniture fronts. For the long planks in most of the living rooms and bedrooms, in the hallway and in the fitness room, the homeowners opted for a top layer of oak. In the fine assortment chosen, characteristic features such as knots and cracks are discreetly pronounced.

Since the surface of the floorboards and stair treads were dried in a way that anticipates the visual and haptic phenomena of natural ageing, the structure of the wood can also be clearly seen and felt. A pleasure to walk on barefoot.

The surface texture in structure and colour also continues on furniture such as the dining room table and kitchen counter.

Individual and healthy for the home

"We were particularly impressed by the fact that a colour tone is created for the oak planks from within the wood and with natural pigments," says the owner happily. In this way, the original wood colour is matched to the customer's desired shade using elaborate recipes and steps. Through appropriate pre-treatment, the colour is more deeply anchored in the wood than with a superficial application of paint. The colour tone is more stable and the wood is less sensitive to stains. The advantageous properties of the wood are preserved with this method: Warmth, elasticity, diffusion openness. A way to regulate the indoor climate.

Naturally resistant protection

The wood is protected by an emulsion of natural resins, waxes and oils. However, the natural protection does not only withstand the mild wear and tear in the usual private rooms such as living or sleeping areas. The wooden surface is not even very sensitive to moisture. Which is why it also works wonderfully in bathrooms or spa or fitness areas. After all, that's where the room-warm, soft barefoot feeling is most often felt.

This protective layer is renewed again and again with the right care, so that even after a long period of use, sanding or even replacement is unnecessary. The wood has a chance to continue ageing aesthetically in its installed state. The pleasant soft and room-warm surface structure is permanently preserved. In case of damage or a general refreshment, the Schotten & Hansen service team provides support.

"Thanks to the high-quality wood surfaces, which are costumized for us, our house fits us like a second skin. It will age with us and be a place of well-being for a long time to come," the owner sums up his living experience with satisfaction.

Project details Private Residence Baden-Baden:

  • Floor: oak long board, fine grading (even wood structure with small knots and discreet cracks), naturally dried (clearly tangible and visible structure of the wood), colour: oyster
  • Doors, steps, handrail, floor tanks, wall mouldings, kitchen counter, table: oak wood in same sorting, treatment and colour as floor
  • Interior Design: Villa Projects