Multigeneration-flooring in a private residence in Augsburg

The flooring of this new building in Augsburg is the basis for a bright and modern interior concept, which is comfortable, but nevertheless fulfills daily loads and requirements of a young family. The owners have decided to choose floor boards from the manufactory Schotten & Hansen.

A life with small children takes place on the floor for the majority of time. The baby lies on its cuddly blanket and looks at a mobile for hours before it begins to explore the surroundings with a crawling and rotating movement by itself. Especially during the first months of life parents worry not only about falling objects or unsecured sockets, but also about harmful substance that could be absorbed over airways or skin by the newborn.

A wooden flooring is harmless, isn't it? Because wood is one of the oldest natural building materials of the world. But if the flooring is coated with an artificial varnish, there will be no natural surface even more. For this reason, Schotten & Hansen has developed a natural surface protection for their flooring and interior products in decades of research work, using natural resins, waxes and oils, which are harmless for the health and keeps the wooden flooring open-pored.

But what about mechanical loads of such an open-pored surface? Small children build highways, dollhouses or farmhouses in every conceivable place in a house. They also like to paint streets and barriers with pens directly on the ground; or they manoeuvre their bobby-cars or tricycles trough an indoor course. And the shoes that are still muddy and sandy from the playground are not always taken off at the front door. But even with such coarse soiling, the open-pored Schotten & Hansen surface provides advantages.

With the right care, you can easily remove and wash out the traces of daily mechanical stress by yourself. The relevant protection made of resins, waxes and oils then penetrates again into the wood. The wood stays breathable and can absorb and release moisture. The surface continuously regulates the room climate. If there are some greater damages like scratches, the Schotten & Hansen Service team can make a professional retouch even without sanding. Otherwise the valuable and pleasant surface structure would be destroyed. A wooden surface thus becomes a long-term witness for everyday family life.

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