We believe collaboration achieves the best results. Our customers are our collaborators and our inspiration. We listen very carefully to them to understand their aesthetic and practical needs, so we can provide the ideal solution to suit their personality,or the identity of their organisation. We know that quality counts because it motivates people to improve their own lives and those of others. It is the driving force behind our business.

Bespoke Solutions

We love a challenge. We meet exceptional challenges with exceptional flexibility. We develop customized solutions for our customers with love, whether they’re personalized colour nuances, base materials made of aluminum for lightweight construction in yacht interiors, or micro-perforated acoustic panels with the finest walnut veneer for the VIP lounge of an airport. To ensure each new development fulfills our high quality demands, we test them in our in-house laboratory.

Custom design with fire protection layer
Acoustic panel cross-section
Lightweight construction with Alucore

Simplified Processes

Our goal in every project is to work with construction supervisors, architects, and interior designers to create fully integrated, aesthetically outstanding interiors. That’s why we provide coordinated flooring, interior elements, and transitional solutions from a single source, all with the same unique characteristics and quality features. This lets us provide our project partners with the highest level of flexibility and simplifies design, detailed planning, logistics, and coordination for them. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand typical problem areas in construction projects, and we’re prepared for almost all eventualities.

Reliable Logistics

We fulfil the highest standards of reliability and punctual delivery thanks to our experience, routines, and strategic planning. We organize global transportation to meet target deadlines, even via helicopter in difficult-to-reach regions. For deliveries in densely populated urban areas, we pack our flooring in advance by room and according to the installation plan, in order to minimize the complexity of the process at the construction site.

Comprehensive Services

We provide a full spectrum of services for our customers and project partners, from the concept phase to after sales service:

  • Construction site inspection and assessment (technical requirements, humidity measurements, substrate inspection)
  • Installation planning, assessing details and drawings, site measurement and 3D drawings using 3D scans
  • Installation or supervision
  • Initial treatment and quality control
  • Approval by architect and construction supervisor
  • Service and repair for damage during construction
  • Consultation for maintenance and repair issues