We strive for perfection in everything we do: in working with nature, working with people, creating exceptional products and delivering excellent service. We believe that every high quality product has the power to inspire, so our focus is on great craftsmanship and on creating extraordinary products that will inspire our customers to aim for their best too.

The Forest is our Teacher

Rising upwards from their roots, trees create a dialogue between earth and sky that symbolises growth and our lasting natural heritage.
It’s a connection that teaches us to value the world we live in and treat it with respect.

Wood is a living material
and we handle it with due respect.

The perfection of our craftsmanship can’t be matched by a machine. Many of our work processes maintain the traditions of German handiwork, combining them with highly modern technologies. Each piece is manually finished, planed, brushed, smoked, coloured, and measured by our masters against the most demanding standard of quality there is – the human eye. All the materials we use in finishing and caring for our pieces are developed, produced, and tested in-house. We use our craftsmanship to preserve and refine the beauty of nature.


We return materials to the wood that were removed
during washing in a refined form,
using natural essences, resin, and wax.


The resin penetrates into the wood, where it binds and preserves our oils. It hardens the material and makes it resistant to wear while extending the effectiveness of the oils we use. We use both copal tree resin and shellac for this purpose.


Wax remains on the surface of the wood, providing natural protection from water and mechanical influences. Wax does harden over time, but remains supple enough to move with the wood as it shrinks and expands. Since each wax has specific characteristics, we combine soft beeswax, very hard carnauba wax, water-resistant candelilla wax, and refined mastic gum from Greek pistachio trees.


The oil penetrates into the texture of the wood, saturating it. This fulfills several purposes at once: It repels water, it binds the colour pigment we use to colour the wood, and it also helps enrich the beautiful appearance of the wood surface. We use linseed oil, perilla oil, and walnut oil, among other oils. For specialized applications, we also use essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus.

Our colours are nature’s own,
derived from plants or minerals.

They accord with the wood’s natural tones – subtly shimmering, with the finest nuances that modulate over time. These shades are straight from nature’s own palette: sand, straw, soft bark-grey. We want our customers to feel a deep affinity with the colours of our products, generating resonance, creating a sense of home.

Patinas: The Beauty of Age

Products by Schotten & Hansen age with beauty and dignity. Each of our custom-made, unique pieces matures alongside its owner, becoming richer through the traces of everyday use and developing a highly unique character that will remain for future generations. The surfaces of our flooring and interior products are highly durable due to their unique finishing, and are regenerated through care and cleaning. There is no need to polish or replace them. We can find a solution for our products, even in case of serious damage or soiling. Our experts can provide on-site consultation and support.