The Corona-Virus has caused disruption in our daily public lives and has thus resulted in a lot of time spent at home. During this time, many of us have made ourselves as comfortable as possible, allowing us to relax, redecorate and to do some spring cleaning. Now more than ever, cleanliness and hygiene are of great importance to all of us in order to avoid contact with viruses and bacteria. We therefore recommend that all wooden surfaces in the household, from wooden floors to furniture, tables and doors, are cleaned with the Schotten & Hansen Wood Soap and at the same time, remain naturally maintained. It is scientifically proven, that the use of soap is one of the most effective methods to get rid of not only dirt, but also bacteria and viruses such as the Corona-Virus (COVID-19). The lipid layer that envelops the virus is dissolved by soap. As a result, the virus decays and detaches itself from surfaces. Special disinfectants are therefore not necessary, as these may change wooden surfaces in an unfavorable way, for example, in the surface structure or color.

The Wood Soap is available via the contact form on our website