The new Edition of the Makers Bible is about aesthetic spaces, special places and sustainable things that surround us when we live. It features 101 passionate makers and crafted brands in Interior Design and Architecture.

A bed, a chair, a desk, a cooker, a bathroom, a colour, a light and a roof over your head are the necessary things to fulfill our basic needs. In addition living and things, we surround ourselves with are an expression of our sense of aesthetics. This edition of the Makers Bible shows products that offer alternatives to the mass market and how they are produced through interaction of craftsmen, designers, manufacturers and architects.

Schotten & Hansen is placed twice in this reference book: Once it deals with individual colouring of wooden surfaces in the chapter “Private Space” and the second time with the topic of yacht interior fitting in the “Moving Space” section.

Makers Bible – Human Space
published by Melville Brand Design
Price: € 35,00
376 pages
Language: English
Hard Cover, stamped and refined
Thread binding for longlasting
24 cm x 16 cm
Date of publication: December 2019

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