Once again ARCHITECT@WORK, a special fair format, took place in Munich on 6 & 7 November 2019. Over 150 companies presented their innovations to a specialist audience. Schotten & Hansen displayed the “Torben Hansen Colour Library” - a tool that supports the work of interior architects and designers. It shows the almost unlimited possibilities of wood colour variations to design a room. 360 natural colours and over 1.000 harmonious shades are arranged into the colour groups red, brown, yellow, green and blue. The color library can either be used to find a color shade that fits into an already existing color concept or can be used as a source of primary inspiration. The selected colour with its accompanying shades can be applied to all Schotten & Hansen products (floor boards, parquet, veneer applications for walls, ceilings and furniture).The unique Schotten & Hansen surface contributes to a healthy living environment through its open-pored surface that balance the room climate. Only natural ingredients are used to seal and protect the surface (resins, waxes and oils) that allows the surface to be regenerated without sanding.