Since May 2019, after Munich and Cologne, Occhio, the well-known producer of high-end design lighting, now follows up with a new flagship store in the heart of Hamburg. Located directly right opposite the town hall, Occhio provides a 600 m² show area to consult architects and home owners and allow them to experience the lighting solutions first hand. The concept of the store had been developed by the Munich based architects office 1zu33 Architectural Brand Identity. The store combines a product focused area and a lounge area on two floors. The entire room concept build up on bright, harmonious colors. Schotten & Hansen contributed to this design with a fine, brushed oak flooring in the color "Beach Shell". Almost 300 m² are covered with a herringbone format, that stands out also with its big dimension (1200 x 290 mm). The flooring is complemented by matching stairs and benches. The huge cabinet on the ground floor is covered with a Schotten & Hansen walnut veneer in the color "Maroon".

Photography: Christoph Philadelphia