The surface of a Schotten & Hansen product is comparable with a human skin: breathable, permeable and elastic. Like our skin each Schotten & Hansen product should be washed and nourished. For cleaning and maintaining the regenerative Schotten & Hansen surface there are special products which are developed and steadily improved in our in-house laboratory.
The Wood Soap is a concentrate designed for the regular cleaning and maintenance of intact Schotten & Hansen surfaces. In addition to cleaning, its special formula contains natural oils that help to enhance the original resilience of the wooden surface. Wood Soap is added to the wiping water according to the recommended dosage. The regular wet cleaning is necessary to remove the dirt off the wooden pores.
Thereby, moisture and caring oils are provided and given back to the wooden surface. In fact, the same natural oils that are also mainly used by the cosmetic industry. These oils counterbalance dehydration and gives the surface a new sheen. By good care your Schotten & Hansen flooring is a product which is made for generations, without ever having to be sanded.

You can order the Wood Soap through our Website