At the BAU 2019 in Munich, ComTür, a renowned manufacturer of custom-made doors in unique quality and function presented an exclusive door line, which had been developed in close partnership with Schotten & Hansen.

To this cooperation, ComTür contributes the certified door technology with the applicable sound, fire and burglary protection regulations. The different frame systems enable an individual and still flexible coordination for any interior concept. Basically the frames are worked without visible joints on mitre.

The manufacture Schotten & Hansen from Peiting refines the wood with the proven Schotten & Hansen surface and contributes a natural and appealing visual appearance for the door solutions. The new cooperation product is available in six different colors: Beach Shell, Oyster Dark, Linen, Pebble Stone, Drift Wood and Black Cherry. Other colors are available on request. These colors can be combined with one of three design-oriented treatment variations to create a special haptic and optic: brushed, rough cut and shrunk.

Our customers appreciate the possibility to obtain the same surface finish in color and structure on doors, flooring, stairs, walls and fronts to create a harmonious holistic room solutions and a coherent picture.