S&H surfaces are breathable, permeable and elastic. Like skin,they should be cleaned and nourished: a simple regime. For us, caring for wood is a natural cosmetic art. Our priority is to bring out, enhance and preserve the deep beauty of wood.

Wood Soap - a care product
made in nature’s image

Wood Soap for cleaning and maintenance of wooden surfaces
Walnut oil, perilla seed oil, linseed oil
Making of the Wood Soap

The surfaces Expert

Our products are very dear to us, which is why we do everything we can to ensure their quality and extend their useful life. If you have questions about maintenance, cleaning, or repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service team of trained experts will be happy to assist you. We can provide professional stain removal services, repair mechanical damage, refresh surfaces after years of use, or give your floors a regenerative treatment when they've been subject to heavy wear. We also train cleaning personnel in private, public, or business functions and develop made-to-measure care packages in collaboration with cleaning services and facilities management providers.

Our surfaces are made
to last generations.

Our unique processing and finishing procedures mean our products are not susceptible to the effects of water. This doesn’t just make cleaning easier; it also means you can use our products in bathrooms, wet rooms, and in extreme climatic conditions. If our products are strongly affected by heavy use or damage, they can be washed and regenerated by a professional. No sanding is required, the wood's unique feel and substance will be maintained. By caring for your wood products, you can preserve Schotten & Hansen quality for decades.